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Phobias VR

A fresh approach to Virtual reality therapy for phobias

Phobias VR project is a collaboration between CCAPPS, ITICA, and Neo-Move MRGs at CYENS – Centre of Excellence, Silversky3d VRT Ltd, and the Memory & Attention Development Lab at the University of Cyprus.

VR-based training and intervention tools are used for various clinical applications. The aim of this project is to  implement the  Violation of Expectancy principle in a suite of immersive VR scenarios designed to treat various phobias and validate them by collecting empirical and physiological data. The project builds upon existing work by Silversky3D VRT Ltd on the fear of public speaking. In collaboration with Silversky3D and other experts, we aim to develop a VR app and a data platform for the so-called simple (or specific) phobias (e.g. acrophobia, agoraphobia, etc.), targeting psychotherapists and other healthcare professionals.

Currently, the first scenario is being finalised which relates to acrophobia (fear of heights), with user trials expected to start soon. The second scenario is also being developed and will study claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces).

Start/End Dates: 

TBC one year, from 1st of January to end of  December

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Silversky3d VRT Ltd

Memory & Attention Development Lab (University of Cyprus)

Christiana Theodorou


Phobias, VR, collaborations, intervention tools

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Participant / Dr Christos IoannouProject Leader

Dr Christos Ioannou

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